Gigi vs Kendall: Who has the better fashion sense?

It is the battle of the models! In this corner we have Gigi, daughter of model Yolanda Hadid(Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) who has graced 35 Vogue covers. And in this corner we have Kardashian-Jenner empire heir, Kendall Jenner.

Both successful both gorgeous but who has the better style in your opinion?

who did it better!

Who did it better?

1 - Nude dress. Gigi or Kendall?

2 - Denim on Denim. Gigi or Kendall?

3 - Sweater crop top. Gigi or Kendall?

4 - Black jeggings for a sporty look. Gigi or Kendall?

5 - Blousy crop top and light blue jeans. Gigi or Kendall?

6 - Tan jacket over plain white T and jeans shorts. Gigi or Kendall?

Let me know your picks 1-6 in the comments!

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