Natural DIY Makeup Remover Recipes for Happy Skin

1. Oil Cleanser

Oily Skin:castor oilhazelnut oil

Combination Skin:

Dry Skin:olive oil

To use the oil cleansing method as a DIY makeup remover:

Use about a quarter-sized amount of oil and massage over your face for one to two minutes. (No need to pre-wash or wet your skin.)

Soak a clean washcloth in very hot water and wring it out before placing it over your face. Allow it to sit and steam your face for about a minute.

Give your skin a wipe with the clean side of the cloth and allow the thin layer of oil left behind to remain and soak into your skin.

Honey Face Wash

Naturally antibacterial honey fights acne and contains enzymes that help slough away dead skin cells.

To use honey to clean off your makeup:

Manuka HoneyRaw Organic Honey

Spread it over your face and massage in a circular motion.

Allow the honey to sit for 5-10 minutes before removing with a warm cloth. Once your skin dries, it will be fresh and dewy!

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