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For every place of the house whether it is a master bedroom or a living area different patterns of tiles designs are there. For your bathrooms latest pattern of geometric tiles are there with some new tones of color which will give an amazing look to the bathroom. We have not limited our designs to the bedrooms or living area, we have wide choices for staircases and corridors also. These handcrafted tiles bring comfort and style together. Our beautiful designs of handcrafted tiles will reflect your high class taste and choice. It will give a long lasting impression to others of your elite selection.

The color combination for the tiles is designed in such a way that it gives peace to the mind with a soothing effect. You can easily place these tiles in the garden area or on terrace floor. It gives comfortable feeling to the feet on walking. All the hand crafted tiles are affordable and long lasting. The overall costing is inexpensive.

For the complete collection of exterior wall tiles design visit our store. Different varieties of marbles are available. Costing also depends upon the size specification. Proper estimation of the cost is given according to the size and the requirement. Add beauty to your home by using different patterns of handcrafted tiles.

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