Paint a vertical egg colored rectangle

Be sure to add some potatoes and tomatoes to garnish. Squeeze white icing into the shape of a spider web on a flat surface such as black cardboard. Bowls of food, the first Halloween candy, were placed outside to keep the ghosts happy. A favorite in our house is Spider Web Cupcakes."Tomb it may concern", it is time for fright, spooks and giggles. It is always fun to be a cultural icon like Colonel Sanders. Then wrap seaweed colored fabric horizontally around the pillow and glue it.

When the spirits were living among us, Halloween was born. It is time to get disguised. My favorite costume is baby sushi.

Halloween would not be memorable without fun treats. Be sure to tell them to wear their sheet belts in the car.

Be sure to live it up all week? Wear your costumes before Halloween. Glue some plastic candlesticks, some salt and pepper shakers.

The best costumes are home made and do not have to be the traditional ghost or goblin. Beware of your friends because youll be a perfectly ghoulish meal.

BANG! Eeek! Bwahahaha! Wishing you a spooktakular Halloween!

. Paint a vertical egg colored rectangle. If you have a dog, he can go as green wasabi mustard to accompany the baby. Today on Halloween parents encourage their own little ghosts and goblins to haunt the neighborhood. Cut licorice for legs and insert eight legs into each cupcake. Get a white suit, white goatee and grab a bucket of Kentucky Fried chicken. Tell those lazy bones kids to help. They will love the reactions to their ghostly costumes. Put tombstones around. Get a box, put a silver roast pan on it and decorate the top of the box like a dinner table. Make cupcakes with black baking paper and dark cake mix and frosting.

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