[Song Association Game] Let's Play!

You've probably heard of this game, it's the latest trend on youtube now! Someone hears a word and they say the song that comes to mind. How about we play our own vingle version of the game?


1: Comment a new song to follow the song that is posted above your comment

2: Any song is allowed! Pop, hip hop, rap, classical, kpop, bollywood etc haha. Let's keep it fun.

you can if you want to!

How To Play:

Format: Post the song name first and then the name of the singer/band/group

-eg: Ole Town Road - Lil Nas X

Explanation: You could use a word or more from either the Song title or the Artist's name.


Comment 1: Fire - BTS
Comment 2: Set Fire To The Rain - Adele
Comment 3: Purple Rain - Prince

Get it? Good!

IMPORTANT: Please click "Recent" to organize the comments in order.

Let's get started!


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