Cute and sweet relationship goal that couples should aspire to!

Cute and sweet relationship is the dream for every girl in the world. It means a lot to both and it makes your life more colorful and wonderful. In a relationship, we have quarrels, we have fights, we also have moments to share happiness and sorrows with each other. So a relationship is not easy to have and maintain. You need to work on it and always make it full of passion, and it needs both of you to make it more sweeter!!

(1) Pajama (?) date lol

(2) dat cute pose with my bae

(3) I'm your own cheerleader

(4) chillin outside

(5) well I need to lose weight

(6) who takes that picture for us though..

(7) spending a night with you

(8) surfing with my bae!

Have you done those with your baes? >.<

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