Idiot people who doesn't deserve to own a pet!

We all love our pets. Humans have kept domesticated animals for thousands of years now and they provide us with companionship and protection while fulfilling our desire to nurture.

But having pets comes with great responsibility. To the animal obviously - this creature now relies on you for its quality of life and you need to ensure its physical and emotional needs are met. And to other people too - you should be able to look after your animal and keep it healthy and happy in such a way that doesn't encroach on the lives of others.

Scroll down and watch how miserable it will be living with the owners like this..

(1) This Woman Dumping Her Dog In My Best Friends Front Garden...

(2) Leashing Your Dog To Your Car In The Parking Lot While You Go To The Gym

(3) A Customer Tried It On Their Dog And Put It Back On The Shelf

(4) Someone Stored Their Dog

(5) Man Washes His Dog's Behind In A Water Fountain At A Park

It just made me feel sad and angry at the human race!!! What do you guys think?

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