Jungkook's Bday event #2

8/29: Favorite Cover Song.

Junkookes 2 U would be my favorite.


original song is by David Guetta but there r a lot of different covers. Kookie and Justin both did a cover wich made a mash up cover with both of them.


I never heard of this song before I found Jungkook's cover so it's no surprise I cried so much. The lyrics of the song are so heart worming and Kookie has that edge in his voice that gives you the feeling of bursting into tears as soon as he starts.


When it comes to U. Don't be blind, watch me speak from my heart. When it comes to u. comes to U " Jungkooks vocals are so very touching and emotion fillled that It makes me so happy and sad at the same time. The Lyrics make so much sense to me in a way that makes me feel very attached to the song. I really LUV Jungkook's Voice in the hole song tho, he is amazing.

I don't think this is a sad song judging by the lyrics but Jungkook's voice makes me feel a type of way that makes me wanna cry and smile at the same time. (idt it's a sad cover at all, it's just very unique and special)

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