Get Ready for the Debut of Kratos & Heavensward ✦ [Fantasy Kpop]

So I thought long and Hard about my groups, and I'm more than happy with my lineup. ♡ I have actually had this card sitting in my drafts, but I had to work this week so I'm just now getting it up.

I decided to start my entertainment company, Shine Ent.

For my 1st String: Kratos we have: Powerful Beings

Yasuo Namekawa ~ Kangnam (M.I.B)

Main Vocalist: Woosung (The Rose)

Vocalist: Gaho (PLT)

Main Rapper: Flowsik (Aziatix)

Rapper: June (PLT)

Main Dancer: Hoya (Infinite)

Dancer: Minsu (Boys Republic)

Visual: Sunggu (High4)

Maknae: Lucas (NCT)

My Second String: Heavensward: Close to Heaven as you can get.

Leader: Leetuk {Super Junior}

Main Vocalist: Jung Jinwoo {PLT}

Vocalist: Seyoung {Cross Gene}

Main Rapper: Simba {JJCC}

Rapper: Sangmin {Cross Gene}

Main Dancer: B-Joo {Topp Dogg}

Dancer: Lay {EXO}

Visual: Eddy {JJCC}

Maknae: Yunho {Ateez}

[So I realized at the ending of my group creation, that Leetuk would probably slaughter my soul for sticking him with a bunch of Goofball & idiots, but then again he has experience in that]

Tagging the ladies who started this awesome thing.


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