Peniel's English Lyrics Are NSFW

More and more I am realizing that I love Kpop partially because I don't understand the lyrics. I know that some Kpop songs are dirty and I just don't know, but Peniel's english songs are

Warning: NSFW


Put some Netflix on you got a show you watching at the moment? Nah well it don’t really matter though It’s just gonna be background music in a few more minutes It’s just gonna be drowning out the sound of you moaning All night long till the early morning
Guys like me we’re like them holographic shadowless Pokemon cards we rare
I got necks turning Make eye contact and now their face is burning Looking like they had a few shots and got Asian glow I know they thinking to themselves "Oo I hope he’s solo"


Lemme see the bottom of them drinks Motherfucker Bottom of them drinks Motherfucker


I don't do sides I swear you ain't no concubine You'd be my main if you say you're mine

Okay Peniel lol~

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