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They might be separated by the ocean and a number of thousand miles of land mass, however astonishingly London and city have quite few things in common. one in all the primary things is…rain!

Both cities have rain, and even supposing London features a name for descending plenty – city has additional. quite heap additional actually, beating London’s average rain of twenty three inches by a considerable quantity (Seattle has 38).

The average temperature in each cities is additionally fairly similar, with London being slightly colder, however not by abundant. however city will see way more hours of sunshine, despite having the next rain.

So, what else will we glance at once we compare the 2 cities?

Cost of Living

Ah yes, we have a tendency to can’t get so much into this text while not comparison that town is dearer. And sorry, London, however you don’t set out too well during this comparison.

For instance, average property rentals in London are around four-hundredth – hour dearer than their U.S.A. counterpart, and once it involves getting a property, well, the distinction is exciting.

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Check out property costs in London on Right Move and Zoopla, and you’ll see what we have a tendency to mean…

But there are ways in which to be ready to dig the housing ladder in London, with varied Government backed reasonable home possession schemes.

Utilities, like gas, water, and electricity also are dearer in London, by over hour. this is often one reason that individuals within the GB switch their energy suppliers thus often.

Doing thus usually means that you'll be able to lock into a less expensive deal. These are often tested on freelance comparison web site Uswitch. However, one factor that's well cheaper in London is that the price of home web – by nearly four-hundredth.

Transportation in London, like the monthly price of victimization conveyance, is additionally dearer. Expect to pay around double the price of what you may in city.

And if you drive, it’ll price you around 123% additional in London. Gas costs for a cubic decimetre of fuel in London are presently around £1.14 per cubic decimetre, as opposition £0.51 within the U.S.A..

Eating go into London is pricey – you’ll pay a mean of fifty additional for a meal here, however several regular grocery things are cheaper: bread, as an example is over five hundredth less, cheese could be a heap less costly, as are most fruits and vegetables.

Average Salaries

Now, with the price of living being such a lot higher in London, it might be to assume that the typical internet monthly regular payment is additionally higher.

It would create sense… however it’s undoubtedly not the case. In fact, on average, those that add London have around 17 November less disposable funds per month than their yank counterparts.

No marvel Londoners eat on a so much less regular basis than those that sleep in Seattle!

Other variations

London presently has associate pct of around eight.1%. however in city, it’s solely four.8%.

In London, you'll be able to make the most of a motorcycle sharing theme – lovingly referred to as “Boris Bikes” in honour of London civil authority, Boris Johnson World Health Organization introduced them. you'll be able to rent them for as very little as £2, develop from one in all the many tying up stations round the town, and drop it off in other places.

London features a heap additional inhabitants. As of Gregorian calendar month 2015, it’s around eight.17 million, as opposition the city population of around one million.

London boasts significantly additional museums. Not solely that, however most of them are liberal to visit. There’s the explanation repository, The museum, The Victoria & Prince Albert repository, a people Museum… The list goes on and on. There are presently 240 museums in London. city has sixteen.

London has no lineation, whereas city is on the shores of the wonderful Pacific (well, okay – Puget Sound – however it’s still the Pacific). Sorry, London – we have a tendency to can’t beat that…

There’s public attention in London (well, the entire of the united kingdom, actually). referred to as the NHS – or National Health Service – you don’t got to pay after you visit the doctor or the hospital.

To cover the prices, one and all pays a proportion of their wages – this is often referred to as social insurance. However, the NHS is somewhat troubled to stay up with demand, and since of this, many of us value more highly to put off personal health cowl instead.

There are several suppliers within the GB, together with BUPA and Aviva.

Each town has its sensible points and its unhealthy points. For those that love the good outdoors, then you’re ne'er progressing to fall dotty with London the maximum amount as you are doing city.

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You’re additionally solely a few of hours off from utterly totally different countries and cultures. Take an inexpensive flight from one in all London’s airports, and you'll be Saturday drinking occasional in France, ingestion chocolate in Switzerland, or having tapas in Kingdom of Spain before you recognize it.

Try doing that from Seattle… you'll be able to additionally mount the Eurostar train at St. Pancras, and you'll be able to be in Paris inside a few of hours.

Both cities are pretty safe places to measure, with comparable crime rates (Seattle is slightly lower, however not by much). they're each straightforward places to urge around on foot, with the centre of each cities being compact and walker friendly.

If you wish to travel additional go into either, you’ll would like a automobile or to require conveyance.

For those that drive, each city and London suffer from full streets and restricted parking (and if you manage to search out a parking zone, you’ll pay a reasonably penny for it).

In Conclusion

There are countless variations between the 2 cities, however there are a good quantity of things that are similar further.

Many folks love each – which includes people who’ve lived in both cities, further as guests. Of course, one factor that creates visiting or living in any town within the GB or the U.S.A. easier – we have a tendency to each speak identical language (well, with a number of differences).

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