6 Foods that Beautify YOU! [PART 3]

13. Broccoli

Broccoli is full of zinc, vitamin A and vitamin C which are vital for achieving healthy skin.

Contains lutein which protects your skin from being too dry.

May help with some types of skin cancer.

Contains sulforaphane which protects your skin from harmful rays.

14. Bone Broth

High collagen may help improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles and premature aging.

15. Tomatoes

Great source of vitamin C and contain all of the major carotenoids, including lycopene which helps to protect your skin against damage from the sun and helps prevent wrinkling.

Helps to reduce pimples and lightens blemishes.

Tomato And Carrot Juice


2 tomatoes

1 carrot

1 tablespoon flaxseeds


Cut tomato and carrot into chunks and add them to a food processor with the flaxseeds.

Blend to  liquid consistency.


16. Soy

Helps with dry skin, increases collagen and protects your skin from UV damage.

17. Green Tea

Catechins are powerful antioxidants that protect your skin from sun damage and reduce redness as well as improving hydration, thickness and elasticity.

Detox Green Tea Recipe

18.  Red Wine

Contains resveratrol which may help slow down the skin’s aging process.

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