I'm back and I've missed out on a lot and I no longer know who to use vingle XD

But hey, that's ok. So I've had a lot of good and bad happen to me since ive stopped posting and being here buuuuut that doesnt matter...

What does matter is that I am going to continue my stories so I need you guys to put in the comments the name of the story you want me to continue and finish. The one mentions a lot will be the one I chosen.

Also, let me know if you miss me XD cause I've miss all of you guys.

so moving on here is the list of stories. choose wisely.

1.) Who's the monster

2.) Toixc Rose

3.) A Darker truth

4.) Fate

5.) Like a Ghost

6.) Unrequited Romance

so these are your choices.

If you want me to write other stories please let me know, share them, tell your friends etc, my dog is puking in the background as I write this..... I have 3 messes to clean up Xl....ew.... DX


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(IF You wish to be tag/untag please let me know, thank you! ^^)






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