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Hello Tight-Pops! The entry has now closed for the fantasy Kpop! Thank you to all who have joined!!

So let me introduce to you teams!! First we have@BabydollBre with her B.E.E and Ntent team!

Next we have@QueenyCrossGene with her teams Kratos and Heavensward!

There is also@SweetDuella with Hot cross Buns!!

We have@SHINee4ever with Rustic Men!

We have@royalpandajedi with Head Turners and Future K-Hiphop!

We have@Starbelle808 with Boomerangs and Zigzag!

There is also@MelissaGarza with Mesojin 1st line and 2nd line!

And we have me@Just2BLoved with Shooting Sunshines 1st and 2nd line!!!

I want to thank everyone for joining! Let the fantasy Kpop beginning! Good luck to you all!!! Who will be in the Super Fantasy Kpop Bowel?! Will it be your team!?

Quarter-Pops @Just2BLoved@MelissaGarza@royalpandajedi@starbell808 Tight-pops @AmbieB@QueenPandaBunny *please comment if you would like to be added to tag list*

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