5 Quirky Ways To Style White Shirt The Right Way

A classic white shirt can be adorned in multiple ways. You can go all classy and at the same time, you can go comfy and funky with it. Styling a white shirt may be equally easy and tricky. You have to know the right pick and right fit for any style statement you want to make in the masses. Read on to know the best ways to rock that white with glam and comfort.

Blue Denims and White Sneakers

The first combination that comes to everyone’s mind is a white shirt paired with blue jeans. You can totally dig the look with a pair of heels if you are headed to work. While on a casual outing with friends, a pair of sneakers don’t hurt. You can go for some minimal accessories to get the chic look.

Formal Pants and White Collared Shirt

To make your workwear a little stylish, you must know how to style white shirt that hangs unused in your closet. Pick up a pair of formal pants and slide on your perfectly ironed white shirt. You can tuck the shirt in neatly and complete the look with a pair of sharp formal heels. Accessorize your look with a pair of stud earrings and a neat bun.

Distressed Jeans and Knotted Shirt

If you want to keep it casual and comfy, opt for distressed boyfriend jeans and pair it up with a white shirt. To add some funk, you can pull the ends of each side of the jacket of the shirt and knot them up in the front. This look will give you vintage feels and at the same time gives you comfort you want.

Saree and A Formal White Blouse

If you have tried it all and don’t know what to wear with white shirt, this might interest you. Pick a white shirt and pair it up with a saree. If you are not in a mood to pull on a blouse, there is always an alternate option. Accessorize the look with some oxidised jewellery and you will be good to go.

White Shirt and A Slip Dress

Interestingly, we have a perfect idea for you to use your white shirt for a date night and not make it look too formal. Just put on a white shirt and slide into a slip dress. Alternatively, you can put it on above your slip dress and tie a knot in front.

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