My skincare routine!

Well, I have a acne prone skin.. so I really need to be careful whenever I change my skincare routine.. It's a challenge whenever I change toners and lotions.

This time, it is a success!!!

This is the steps you need to follow

Use cotton pads to wipe out dirts with DOKDO TONER after cleansing!!!

This DOKDO TONER is .. like a revolution!!!!! I really like this toner and works best on my oily & dry facial type.

I don't really care about cleansers but just choose something that's for acne - but don't really prefer using clean&clear items.... won't just work on my face!!!!

Then I use this Houttuynia Cordata essence. FYI, Houttuynia Cordata is well known for many skin benefits!! Again, I use cotton pads to apply on my face for a well absorbance!! Well.. I'm no promoting.. it's just that it really WORKED on my face!!

Do you have any special skincare routine you wanted to share with Vinglers?.. Please share it! So that I can follow :'(!!!

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