IoT In Sports

food sectorin the sports industry there is also a lot of intelligence.

carrying the smartphone we are already linked 24 hours to the Internet.

intelligent systems

We have an excessive amount of apps to get in shape by exercising.

shoes with Internet, which could be very useful to measure the performance

What sports have already incorporated the IoT?

is still quite new

is used as a complement of improvement and analytics

we give you some examples:


This ski-focused weareable has 3 sensors , two located under each of the skis and another that the athlete puts at chest height.

to accurately detect the improvements that the professional must applyto the IoT

Recon Jet smart glasses

glassesdata you need if you are a demanding athlete.

the rhythm, the cadence, the effort and the speed

First of all security!

Swimming with smart weareables

the smart clothes used in swimming.

sensors in their tissues

improve your performance

havedared to invest in this sector.

What brands bet on IoT in sports?

the biggest and best-known sports brands that are already betting on IoT in sports

3D Digital Venue

representation offootball stadiumsin 3D

as the Santiago Bernabéu or Wembley


arose as a result of the concern about the blows to the head

football helmets


graphicof the heata technology that prevents injuries in the world of sports.

allows to identify possible injuries or overloads,

What future does this have for people who are not a professional athlete?

technology is developed for professionals

Products that have just arrived at the sports store in our neighborhood,

technologies that we can find today in our smartphone, may not be developed initially for our mobile

there is not much left for our ball to carry a built-in chip

sensors that record our heart rate and breathing

which IoT device you would like to useshare it

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