RM: Papi's birthday gift +19 Part 1

Hello fam. As you know Namjoon my hubby is having a birthday soon. I wanted to show love by making a story. It will be in different parts. This is for mature audience.

I was stuck at home as always my baby was out making that cash by sharing his talents with the world as I waited for him to come back to me and share his other talents that belong to me. His birthday was coming up and I had so many ideas wandering through my mind. I looked outside to seek inspiration from the rain. Hoping that the rain would water my seed of determination so I could come up with something awesome. As now being promoted to wife I needed to do something great.


I think of three things and write them down. The heavy thinking begins to fog my head. I know Namjoon is busy, but who knows..maybe I might caught him during a break. I decide to text him.


That conversation helped give me the spark I needed and now I know what I will have planned! I squeal as I smile and rub on Namjoon's blue shirt that I was wearing. I know he will remember this birthday treat!

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