6 Things Italy Is Renowned For

Ciao people, Italy is the beautiful peninsular stretch of land enclosed by the Mediterranean sea. With more than 50 million tourists in a year, Italy is the 5th most visited nation. It is the land that has given their first love to every child and youth in the world i.e, Pizza! From a foodie to an art enthusiast and an entrepreneur to a sportsperson, Italy has something to contribute to everybody. Italy combines the rustic beauty of mountains and beaches with a man-made beauty of sculpture, paintings and architecture. One amongst the 47 UNESCO World Heritage Site in the country, there is no deficiency of ‘things to do’ in the fatherland.


Pizza is one of Italy’s biggest success stories but there’s not one standard, national pizza recipe. Neapolitan pizza-making is so unprecedented it’s even been recognised by the UNESCO as an impalpable cultural heritage.


Another headliner in Italy’s culinary is Pasta. dried or fresh, stuffed or coated with sauce, each place has its own style of cooking it. Apart from innumerable diverse shapes and recipes, there are also several rules talking about what you should not do. For example, do not consume pasta with chicken, do not overcook it and don’t use ketchup as a sauce.


Like yellow taxis in New York or red double-decker buses in London, Vespas are alike with Italy. Created in the 40's, this scooter has become an icon thanks to many appearances on the movie screen. After the movie, the Roman holiday made by Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn in La Dolce Vita voyaged through Italy’s streets, the public couldn’t resist doing the same.

Fashion and Art

Italian suit brands


Gelato is the Italian term for ice cream but the two aren't the same. Gelato happens to be lower in fat, holds less air in it and is served at a somewhat higher temperature compared to regular ice cream. As a result, this Italian treat is softer, silkier and extra flavoursome. Italian gelato is one of the best and most popular desserts in the world.


Italy is the birthplace to some of the world’s most popular car brands, including Maserati, Fiat, Lamborghini and Alfa Romeo. Italian automotive design is desired by petrolheads all over the world for its exclusivity, performance and beauty. Ferrari, for instance, is a company which started as a race car manufacturer in the 30's and is now the gold standard.

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