Lee Seung Gi mentions his 'girlfriend' on 'Noonas Over Flowers'

A new episode of tvN's 'Noonas Over Flowers' aired on January 3 and brought up the topic of Lee Seung Gi's girlfriend, who was revealed two days ago to be none other than Girls' Generation's YoonA. Lee Seung Gi enjoyed some personal time on the show during which he visited various shops to look for presents. The production team asked, "Are you buying a present for your girlfriend?" to which Lee Seung Gi responded, "Then I would need to buy ten presents." In addition, Lee Seung Gi had to wait outside while Kim Ja Oke was shopping in a store. The production team again brought up the topic of his girlfriend, asking, "If you were shopping with your girlfriend and she was not coming out like this, what would you do?" Lee Seung Gi said thoughtfully, "I think now I would need to wait for her."

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