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Hello Tight-Pops!!! So the games have begun!! I know, I know your wondering who has what well....

So I just finished making the board with all the teams and let me just say WOW, if I not realize how many different groups there we till I made the board.

So there are 8 teams and with nine first string players for each team and nine second string players for each team, which came out to be 47 different groups!!!! I am amazed on how each team choose different idols for there team! Some of these groups I have not heard of, so I will also be learning while doing this.


Yes Wonho, I was surprised till I put it all on the board, so it is taking me some time to get the numbers. I will have an update next Saturday on what each team is doing and where they stand.

I also need to give my hand a break from writing. 😂, so I hope you have a great weekend and a great week next week! Until next Saturday, let’s keep Kpoping!!!

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