Super Junior : Funny Quotes

MC:"Was it hard to learn Chinese?" SiWon:"It was hard." DongHae:"It was VERY hard." RyeoWook:"It was INCREDIBLY hard." KyuHyun:"I Don't have any words left." RyeoWook:"Hello, I'm SJ's Ryeowook." KyuHyun:"I'm SJ's strong man Kyuhyun (Usually this is Kangin Intro)" KangIn:"I'm the cute magnae, Kangin." KangIn:"SungMin sleeps with his mouth hanging wide open." KyuHyun:"We poured water there once." SungMin:"REALLY?" KyuHyun:"And he still wouldn't wake up. Amazing." Sungmin:"Hello, I'm good looking Sungmin." Kyuhyun:"Hello, I'm ugly-Kyuhyun." Kangin:"So modest." MC:"There are 3 members who sing best.Yesung and.." Kyuhyun:"Ryeowook." MC:"Ryeowook and.." Kyuhyun:"Me." TOP LIST Kyuhyun's Favorite Bullied Hyung: Ryeowook, Kangin and Yesung. Q:"How did you spend your holiday time?" KyuHyun:"Studying." LeeTeuk:"What? What? It's a BIG lie!" KyuHyun:"Watching movie." LeeTeuk:"LIAR!" KyuHyun:"Playing games." Kyuhyun:"I think my noona is the prettiest one among Leeteuk, Hyukjae, and Heechul hyung's noona." Q:"Who's the member you envy most in the group?" Siwon:"No one." Kyuhyun:"That's because he's already perfect." Captain Cho, Chubby Thing, Little boy → Kyuhyun's nicknames given by his noona (Cho Ahra). Fan:"Do you want to become my boyfriend?" Sungmin:"Heebum-ah~ they're calling you!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ" *Heebum: Heechul's cat* Eunhyuk was jealous with Kyuhyun's nickname "Magnae on Top" so he named himself "Treasure on Top". Leeteuk was the worst driver but at least you will survive with Leeteuk, but if DONGHAE was driving, don't ever hope you'll survive!!! Donghae is the worst driver according to Eunhyuk and Leeteuk Fan:"I love you my Prince Charming, Siwon oppa~" Kyuhyun:"He's Pastor, not prince charming." Eeteuk : “That… eng, western jjajangmyun… western jjajangmyun…not pizza…” Kyuhyun : “SPAGHETTI!” KyuHyun:"Because there are 13 members, there are many different personalities. But those can become one and show a beautiful harmonization." Kangin:"I think all the 13 are good looking, except for the 13th member." =( ELF: “Most handsome member send me a reply please!” / Kyuhyun: “Me?” ELF: “Oppa, should I choose EunTeuk or KangTeuk?” Kyuhyun: “KYUTEUK!” “ELF: “Marry me, Oppa.” Kyuhyun: “When Sungmin allows” Kyuhyun : “Whenever Sungmin hyung thinks about me, he cant concentrate on doing anything either.”

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