P.H.A.T Collection Comeback

Y'all remember this collection?


Kinda? Maybe?No? Well Imma start updating it again


It's always good to see your excitement Hobi.


Well for those of you who are new or don't remember this Collection here's what it basically is.

Pretty Hot And Thick is a Collection of fanfics (mostly oneshots) where the female MC is a plus sized character. this is to show love to my plus size girls because we're pretty fucking great too, yah know.

In honor of@QueenPandaBunny Imma start with this beautiful man KIM JUNMYEON because I just love making her freak out. I already have one for him in the Collection called BET.

I need help from yall though , who else do you want to see in this Collection? If you want to be on the tag list let me know below and if you wanna follow the Collection you can find it under the name of P.H.A.T fan fic Collection

Bye lovelies

Boss Squad:@royalpandajedi@Fromblue2u@Queenpandabunny@marrickej33@BBxGD@Starbell808@MelissaGarza@liyahboon


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