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PAGE/Chapter 40:

Kyung was standing outside the door listening when Kai came along and stood next to him.

"What are you doing?" Kai asked softly.

"Trying to keep the tension down between them while they're talking."

"Is it working?' Kai asked

Kyung looked at him from the corner of his eye, "It's quiet, isn't it?"

Kai smirked and punched him in the arm.

Kyung all of a sudden took a deep breath as if someone had knocked the wind out of him. His already rounded eyes, became wider, he reached out, snatching Kai's arm and squeezing hard, "We have to go now, JongIn… Sehun, I saw him standing on top of a mountain, he was holding Aria over his head. The planets are aligning behind the full moon, he's going to take her away…"

He let go of Kai's arm and fell to the floor. He clutched his chest as if his dead heart was beating too hard, too fast.

"What happened?" Kai asked as he helped him up.

"I don't know. It was like someone invaded my mind, like someone walked in unwelcomed and just started playing images inside my head…" he looked at Kai, "Is that how it feels when I go into your head."

Kai smiled, "Kinda…. Oh, does that mean someone got into your head?"

Kyung shrugged, "I don't know, maybe… we should get a hold of the others and let them know that we're heading up into the mountains. From that image, I think I know where he's at. I've been there before, we used to go hunting there. There had been a village, Sehun liked picking them off..."

"And why wasn't I ever invited?" Kai asked with a raised eyebrow.

Kyung just smiled, "I think you were out of the country at the time."

"Who was out of the country?" Jun Myeon asked.

"I was…" he looked at Lay and then to Jun Myeon, "Is everything okay? Do I still get to punch him?"

Lay looked surprised.

Jun Myeon looked at his new son, "We'll have to take a rain check on that."

Kai grinned evilly at Lay before laying a wink on him that set him back a little and curious as to what that was about.

Just then, Xiumin came stepping off the elevator. He looked at all of them, it worried him to them standing this way. Jun Myeon and Yixing on one side, Kai and Kyung standing on the other, with Kai staring at Yixing that way. He heard Kyung suddenly burst out laughing.

“Its nothing to worry about Minseok, we were just talking.” Kyung said.

Xiumin approached cautiously anyway, “Okay if that is so, then why hasn’t Kai backed down? I can still see hair on the back of neck standing on end. He’s got that look in his eyes that he gets when he was on the hunt and he found his prey.”

“Truly, everything is okay.” Yixing said reassuringly.

Xiumin walked up to Yixing and offered his hand, when Yixing took it, Xiumin pulled him in closer, giving him a small brotherly hug, “Then welcome back...Prince Yixing.”

Kai rolled his eyes, “Really? Are we going to refer to him in that manner? This is after all the modern age. He would be just be the son of our leader, or our boss.”

Xiumin shook his head at Kai and smiled, then he looked back and signaled someone to come forward.

Out of Sehun’s wrecked room, walked out Kris with a small girl glowing like a firefly, at his side. He had his arm around her, as if protecting her. Yixing went running over. They were talking before Yixing took the girl from Kris, watched her as she walked ahead next to Yixing.

Kai smirked, looking at the glowing girl and the expression on Kris’ face, “whats that all about?” he asked, he looked at Jun Myeon who just shook his head and shrugged.

“This is Psyche, she is a good friend of mine. I found her living in the alleys of Shanghai. She was all alone. As you can see, she’s human and, a seer much like Kyungsoo.” Yixing said.

Kyung took a step toward her, she looked at him, her little mouth dropping open before her face turned a bright pink, her eyes falling to the floor. Kyung chuckled and walked off, he walked past Kris giving him a side glance. Kris looked at him curiously as to why he was looking at him like that and then followed him out.

Yixing looked at Psyche curiously, “What’s wrong? What happened?”

"its nothing," she said shyly, she shook her head before she looked up, “Where is he? Where is, Sehun?”

“He’s not here. Why, what is your business with him?” Jun Myeon asked back.

She looked at Yixing, he looked at his father, “She says she could help him.”


“Actually with the help of your friend, the one who just left, we can both help him. He needs to forget those dreams, those feelings, we can both do that. But it needs to be done before he does this ritual, or else he will succeed and you’ll lose her, you’ll lose them both. And I can see that you don’t want that to happen, you’re afraid that he’s been right, you’re afraid…”

“PSYCHE!” Yixing scolded, covering her mouth.

Jun Myeon breathed in deep. It was true.

“We don’t know their exact whereabouts… he knows how to elude. That’s what he was good at even when he was human, he knew how to get out of situations and elude. That’s why I choose him. He knows that if he lets D into his mind, his position will be compromised, the same with Aria. D says, that he’s keeping her in the dark because he can’t see anything.”

Psyche closed her eyes, “before, I saw trees and a mountain...a cliff… the stars… the planets aligning…” she opened her eyes, “but I am unfamiliar with your land so I don’t know where it could’ve been.”

“I do.” Kyung said suddenly appearing, “I know that mountain. I know that cliff. Its been a long time since I’ve been there but I know where it is.”

Kyung looked at Jun Myeon.

“Lead the way.” Jun Myeon said.

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