Welcome to the Self-care Club!!! How to Join the Counsel

Hello fam! Thank you for joining the community. I have seen some new members. Please don't be afraid to create content. I would love to see cards by you all! Also if you would like to help the team grown please join the counsel. I am taking serious inquiry. These are people who will be active and want to see the community grow!


So...what do I have to do to join the counsel?

Be active in the community

....Become fluent with the guidelines

.....Follow the the guidelines

.....Make relevant cards

.....Like and or comment on cards in the community

.....Apply for the editor position


Now I'm an editor so...what?....

When you become an editor it is your duty to help build the community. You should expect a DM from me so we can get things going. You must create an introduction card within a few days of your application acceptance. You will have the authority to accept, reject, create, and feature cards. That's why it's important to know and follow the community guidelines.


I hope you all have a rocking week!

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