How to Style Short Hair!

Who's lost on styling your short hair..? (me..) Well, I recently had a haircut by following my instinct. haha... I just wanted to cut my hair before Winter comes and I did !! I like my hair,, but it feels VERY awkward to just leave it without doing anything on my hair? for some reason? yeah.. so I was browing Youtube and found this video! Hope this helps to other short cut people who are lost. HAHA..

(1) Make voluminous curls using flat iron!

(2) Super super quick! Hair flip

It gives you that youthful and innocent looking!!

(3) Bun! - well yeah no duh

(4) Half up!

(5) Low (messy) pony

Make it messy for natural look <3

Ta - dah! This was it ! Actually there are some more in the video, but some other ones are just transformation of half-up styles. Anyways! Hope it helped! I think it helped me....... The key point of thie video was : mess up with your hair when doing a half up haha..

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