Top 5 Themed Restaurants in London

South Indian food in London

•The Bombay Brasserie

This restaurant happens to be a favourite amongst lovers of the Indian cuisine, and diners come here for the delectable dishes such as chicken tikka, kebabs, parathas and fish curry. With fresh food, a great ambience and a history that goes back to 1982, Bombay Brasserie is considered one of the finest Indian restaurants in the area of Kensington. It is located right opposite the Gloucester Road tube station.

•Bunga Bunga

Bunga Bunga is one place where you can be sure that you will enjoy an unforgettable evening. Apart from the aromatic Italian dishes, the restaurant also scores in terms of entertainment. For a slice of Italian culture, feast your senses on their renowned pizza, and you will know why this place is so reputed. The restaurant has two locations, and the first is in Battersea, where you can expect a three-storey building with a bar and pizzeria on the first floor, a nightclub and private dining room on the second, and on the third floor, a martini prosecco beach bar. The second location is Covent Garden, where you can go if you are looking for a performance or show.

•The Rainforest Café

Unique in its approach, The Rainforest Café is designed to look like a jungle in the midst of the Amazon. It is family-friendly and an especially enthralling experience for children, as it features animal-themed furniture, animal animatronics and sounds of nature. The café offers an eclectic range of International as well as American cuisine, which almost everyone can enjoy. It is a wholesome and exotic experience interspersed with tropical showers and waterfalls as you dine.

•Shaka Zulu

For a taste of rich African culture, visit Shaka Zulu, which is hailed as London’s largest South African restaurant. It is a two-storey restaurant in Camden. Consistent with the theme, the ambience offers 20-foot-high statues of warriors and carved wooden murals alongside a charming bar and cocktail lounge. Their specialties are game dishes, such as kudu, zebra and ostrich imported from Namibia.

•The Ooty Club

To indulge in the tantalising flavours of South Indian cuisine, visit Ooty, a culinary and cultural extravaganza that aims to capture the essence of a hill-station located in Southern India through its cuisine. From the carefully planned menu to the décor, everything speaks of the legacy of the British Raj, polished with the modernity of present-day London. Delicacies are presented in a way that the authenticity of the dish is maintained, but they also present something unique.

Ensure that you experience at least some of these amazingly curated experiences if you happen to visit the city.

Indulge in the exotic and tantalising flavours of South India at London’s newest culinary extravaganza – Ooty. The name traces its origin to an idyllic hill-station in the state of Tamil Nadu.
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