GOT7 Community President

Hello Aghases! First I would like to thank all who voted for me! I am excited about being the president for this community this term!! I want to say thank you to@MelissaGarza for giving me this opportunity! I hope I do as well as you did in the community. Oh who am I you ask, oh sorry let me tell you a little about myself.

My name is Suki. You probably seen me around here in the Monsta X, VIXX, Infinite and many other communities and of course here in GOT7!

As you can tell I am a multi fandom! I love Kpop and I listen to it a lot even at work! People as what are you listening to and I tell them and then they get interested. I am trying to convert as many people as I can! Lol

I have four children! They are the love of my life! On the side note (whispers) I converted them, that is all they listen too.

I am hoping to bringing a lot of fun to the community! I have some awesome people joining me and they are great!! I want to thank them for joining me!!

I hope you will continue to support us here at the GOT7 community, because without you the fans we would not be here. So join us and see what we bring you this term! Have a great day!!

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