A Gentlemen's dignity LIVE RECAP ep. 9

A Romantic night for Jungrok and Minsong Can jealously speed Yoon and Ahri's relationship. What make Yisoo cry? The aswer is TONIGHT in A gentleman's dignity episode 9 Don't miss the LIVE RECAP on 10 pm Korean time ---------------------------------------------------------------------------CAST: Jang Dong Gun as Kim Do Jin Kim Ha Neul as So Yi Soo Kim Su Ro as Im Tee san Kim Min Jong as Choi Yun Lee Jong Hyuk as Lee Jung Rok Yun See Ya as Hong Se Ra Yun Jin Yi as Im Me Ahri Kim Jong Nan as Park Min Song ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- LIVE RECAP starts NOW Opening scene 4 guys in the sauna. After bath, Jungrok took out many cosmetics from his pouch. Yoon and Teesan start to mock him. eyecream and everything. Doojin come hiding something in his back, A knife for his eyebrow. Teesan and yoon who saw that start gighting to take the knife and threaten to cut off all his eyebrow. The scene start at Doojin and Teesan arguments in front of Yisoo's house. They are preparing for sera and teesan 1st anniversary gift. Yisoo come to the house and congratulate Teesan. Teesan said to Dojin that he will choose Sera who always stick beside him. He told Dojin to also be serious with Yisoo. Teesan left Dojin to finish the work by himself.(giving chance to Dojin and Yisoo) Dojin sent all the worker home and went inside. Yisoo asked if Dojin will do it all by himself. Dojin took of his shirt and said yes. The work will take a week. Yisoo get into the room , change her room and said with her help, the work will be cut to 3 days. Dojin start the romance Yisoo hold all the screwdriver and Dojin pick it slowly off her hands. When he screwed it, he also hug Yisoo from behind While putting lamp, Dojin asked Yisoo help to make it stable, making them getting close on top of stairs. (Skinskhip...skinship, skinship) Dojin said he's hungry and asked if there's anything around to eat. Yisoo offered sandwich Ahri went to Yoon's house. she rang the bell but no one answered. She opened the door. Since all 4 guys house's password is the same. Yisoo went to buy the sandwich. On the cashier, she thought abut the scene earlier which Teesan said that he also can be touched by Yisoo's feeling. WHen Yisoo come back to the house, Dojin was lying on the sofa sleeping. Yisoo sat in table in front of the sofa watching him. Dojin opened his eyes, and asked if she already bought the sandwich. When she was about to reach the sandwich, Dojin pulled her to the sofa. Dojin asked if Yisoo already opened the notebook and saw the picture of the bedsheet. After teasing her for a while. Dojin left. Dojin was saying he hate to leave while driving home. Yisoo kept remembering Dojin word when she choose her tomorrow's wardrobe. She ended up looking back the red sweater and being more upset. Yoon come back and found Ahri's gift also card saying sorry for ruining his birthday. After Minsong took bath, Jungrok surprised her with roses on bed and wine. Minsong just directly went to bed to sleep. Jungrok tried to win her heart following her to the bed. Minsong asked Jungrok for his hand as pillow for her hand, and clapping his hand at her body until she fall asleep. Minsong told Jungrok, what she asked is this, warmness not hotness. Jungrok was quite stunned with his wife's confession. Yisoo is at school. her fave student went back and giving his homework. Yisoo instead giving him another book for another homework. Ahri went lunch with colling. When she entered the restaurant, she saw Yoon and his female coworker. The female co worker told Yoon about Ahri's arrival. Ahri ended up sitting right behind Yoon. Ahri's deliberately talking in loud voice so Yoon can hear her. Yoon left the restaurant. Ahri was upset seeing he left. On Dojin and Teesan's office meeting. Dojin was commenting on office's project saving them from big mistake. They finished the meeting and went to have lunch. Colling was sitting in the stairs calling his mother in Japan. He first talked in Japanese but then changed to korean. His mother stopped his credit card, Colling threated that he will someone in korea, saying he will find the 4 guys.His mother heard it and just close the phone. Collin saw Teesan and Dojin went out to have lunch , he compared them with the picture of the 4 guys and a girl that he had. Sera is in golf tournament. Sera's concentration is disturbed by another competitor. Dojin asked his workmate to stop his work and do something. He called Yoon and Jungrok to go somewhere. They saw Teesan's car going somewhere. They went to Sera's competition. They brought some flyer and shout some encouraging words for Sera. Sera saw it and feel touched. Sera did well after seeing them Teesan feel touched by his friend's gesture to encourage Sera. Jungrok was already talking to other woman. Sera was lost, but Teesan cheered her. They ended up hugging. The 4 guys and Sera was drinking in the bar. Sera ranked 11th. Jungrok asked about Yisoo's presence. The situation become akward. Dojin offered himself to call her, but Sera told him she will call her instead of him. Teesan followed her and told her not to worry since today is her day. Sera called Yisoo and asked her not to come eventought someone asked her to come. Sera said she will feel uncomfortable if she come. Yisoo said, she will come, Sera can avoid her later, but not tonight. Yisoo saw the shoes Dojin gave while deciding it. Yisoo come to the bar. Dojin praised her and her shoes. Yisoo said that Teesan is a nice guy and said she like him before. Everyone was mocking her, but Yisoo said again that it's alreasy in the past, Now, she put her concentration in Dojin. Dojin was surprised hearing Yisoo's confession, Dojin's face looked not good. Sera said the shoes Yisoo weared is Dojin's gift. everyone was asking how far along their relationship. Dojin asked permission to go out and asked Yisoo to follow her. Dojin expressed his upset about Yisoo's action. Yisoo asked his forgiveness, but Dojin said, he asked Yisoo to wear the shoes when she had feeling for him. Dojin said that he's not nice enough to be played and waiting a second confession. Yisoo said that sera was hospitalized from the stress. Dojin face was cold, and said that their relationship just end here. He told Yisoo to wait. He took Yisoo's bag and told the friend, they will go alone. Instead outside. he just gave Yisoo her bag and left her. (A broken heart dojin is scary...........) Yisoo went back home. She kept thinking back all Dojin's words. Another bubble scene in the bathroom. But now the bubble broke one by one. Yisoo ended up crying and saying " like you...like you" Sera heard Yisoo's cry and knoked the bathroom's door. Dojin saw Yisoo's picture in his camera back in his house. Dojin is in a presentation. Teesan see Dojin's phone. Yisoo called Dojin . Teesan rejected the call. He ended up seeing Dojin already rejected Yisoo called few time. Back in Minsong's shop. Some trouble with the mike. Jungrok's vice singing come out on the speaker. Minsong stopped and tearing up while hearing it. Yisoo is in front of Dojin's office. She sent a message saying she want to meet him. At the same time. Dojin come with his workmate. Dojin saw the message then saw Yisoo. She just walked by Yisoo and ignored hime (OH MY GOD..........SAD>>SAD TIME) Yisoo kept waiting in front of the office. After the night fall, she decided to go home. Dojin saw everything from his office's window. Yisoo sent messages to Dojin. saying that "did u see the message, i am waiting"..."u're so late, Fighting" (oh my good, after that cold rejection, Yisoo still sent all that message) Back at Dojin's house. Yoon is preparing his baseball equipment. Dojin also decided to go. Yisoo saw Dojin on the field and just shocked standing in front of Dojin. Sera also come to encourage Teesan. Ahri also come in her cheerleading outfit. Sera and Ahri greeted each other. Sera told Ahri to just encourage them together. The game begin. Ahri saw Sera just sit and move his handfan, She mocked the way Sera's encouragement way. Sera took off her jacket showing a sexy tube top. She started shouting Teesa, fighting while dancing. Ahri is cheerleading with her pom-pom. Everyone was watching them. Yisoo as judge just left them and smiled. Teesan's team win. Yisoo come and asked if they want to have meal together. Teesan want to say yes but saw Ahri. Ahri who understand just leave and told them to have fun. On the dinner.(Yisoo sit in front of Dojin) Yisoo kept sending message to Dojin asking him to meet her for a while. Dojin ignored it, but Yisoo reminded him that message come. Dojin told Yisoo to get closer with his finger. Dojin whispered to Yisoo "Don't bother me unless you plan to sleep with me" THE END Tomorrow's preview. The woman on collin's picture met up with Jungrok. Teesa prepared some special date with Sera. Yoon saw Ahri was in danger, when she hurriedly crossed the street to see Yoon. Will Yoon get moved by it? And Yisoo come to DOjin's house. How will this end? can't wait for tomorrow

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