GOT7 Fall Dance Challenge

Hello Aghases! The council and I have come up with a Challenge game we would like you to participate in with us!

It is the fall dance challenge. He is how it works! You will pick your SSG👇🏼


Post a card to card of which SSG you received and tag the council. Tomorrow I will post which member and dance you received.

You will post a card including where the venue will be, what clothing you both will be wearing, (the venue and clothing is your choice) and the type of dance your member will be dancing.


You can find the member dancing on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

You will include in your card, your member doing that dance.

Come join us and let’s play and dance and have fun! You will have till Sunday, September 29 to post your card. Here is what my SSG is👇🏼

Which one did you pick? I wonder which member and dance will it be?

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