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Hey guys! I’m excited to be bringing you NCT Dream! But let’s learn a little about me first!

I turned 23 in June and I’ve been in kpop since 2015, my first group was BigBang but I fell out of love with them a couple years ago. My ult group is and always will me B.A.P 😢. My ult bias is none other than Mr. Jung Daehyun.

My biases in all of NCT are Taeil, Taeyong, Ten, and Jungwoo. I don’t have a bias in Dream as it feels weird to bias them before they’re legal, know what I mean? However Jeno tries real hard to convince me otherwise.

I’ve been president of B.A.P, VIXX, Hotshot, Astro, and 24K communities and editor on NCT, Pentagon, Ateez, Wanna One, and Cross Gene! Back when moderators were a thing I was also one the Day6 team! I feel like there’s more that I just can’t remember haha

As I’m in the Dream unit for posting I was thinking of doing a Dream member every day of the week for at least this upcoming week!

Renjun - Monday Jeno - Tuesday Haechan - Wednesday Jaemin - Thursday Chenle - Friday Jisung - Saturday

My favorite Dream comeback is probably We Young but I really love Don’t Need Your Love!

This card is honestly all over the place, sorry!

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