Description :

cenforce 25mg

Use :

The men suffering from ED cannot have a penile erection at the time of sexual intercourse. Most of the time, Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence is due to physiological problems like diabetes mellitus, neurological disorders, heart-related problems, poor functioning of testes and side effects of many drugs. Even an unhealthy habit like cigarette, smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity and lack of physical exercises contribute to Erectile Dysfunction.

How to take CENFORCE 25 MG Capsules ?

The dose of Cenforce Tablet is one tablet in a day with water. The tablet is effervescent tablets due to which it dissolves in water easily with a fizz. Drink as soon it dissolves for the better taste which results in, the better dissolution of the drug inside the body. Though Cenforce shows no interaction with food for better action, preferably take the empty tablet stomach.

How Does CENFORCE 25 MG Work ?

erectile dysfunction

Side Effects :





Excessive tearing of the eye

Ringing or buzzing in the ears

Nasal congestion



Dosage :

sildenafil citrate

Warning :

This drug may leads to some vision problem tell your consultant. Sildenafil citarate mainly use in male so usally woman can not take and in specially during pregnancy or lactation. If female pass any sexual problem during sex please inform your MD and take advice given by consult.

Cenforce 25mg online do not consume while taking alcohol or other bevrages like caffein drugs. Do not drive car and bike, also do not oprate any machinery.

If your experiance prolonged or painful sex 4 hours or more during intercause, contact immediately. This medicine does not protact any kind of STD (sexual transimmited disease) at a time use condom.

Storage :

Storage this tablet cool and safe place.

This tablet store below 27 to 30 celcius or room temprature.

Keep rich out from children or pets. Also reach out of heat, moisture, and sun light.

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