Batmans secret identity is Bruce

It was adapted from a fictional comic book, premiered in 1960s and until now its still majoritys all time favorite.The suit colors are traditionally blue and gray.

Dressed as a bat, Batman wanted to have a frightening persona in order to protect his true identity and aid him in crime fighting.

Batmans secret identity is Bruce Wayne, a usual industrialist. Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha was being murdered in front oh his very eyes. There are a number of episodes that people loves to watch over an over again without getting tired.And shared a bat motif into his crime fighting equipments namely his bat mobile,bat-computer, bat-scanner, bat-radar, bat-cuffs, bat-drinking water dispenser, bat-camera with polarized bat-filter, bat-shark repellent bat-spray, bat-rope, and the bat cave which is the Batmans secret headquarter.

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What makes him different from other superheroes is that he does not possess any special power like the flying skills of superman.Sidekick Robin comes along the way. One of the most outstanding movie series today is Batman.But still being human, Batmans attraction to Cat woman is present.He was deeply horrified. And all the story versions of Batman is history and recognized around the world and became a pop culture until now. What he uses is his intellectual ability, strong physical power notably martial arts, acrobatics,escape tactics,torture techniques, intimidating aura and detective skills to solve crimes and protect Gotham city against villains and prime suspects. There are websites who offers quality of CD collections on reasonable prices. No wonder, kids and adults enjoy this blockbuster hit every time its on the boob tube. Bruce family is into real state business called Wayne Enterprise before Gotham City is being attacked by villains.

.Batmans most daring foe is the Joker. Often times, people seen him as irresponsible, superficial playboy and gets what he wants because of his familys wealth fortune.

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