Amazon eero and eero pro WLAN mesh routers

Anywhere in your own home easily a stableInternet connection is not a matter of course. High loads, obstacles or large apartments can already provide a weaker range of the Wifi connection. With the eero and eero Pro Wlan Mesh Router Amazon promises an easy installable extension of the Internet range. We have collected the facts so far.

Conclusion to eero and eero Pro - Mesh WLAN option for the smart home

The smaller eero version convinces with a range of up to 140 m2, the eero Pro with 160 m2. Both provide a stable range of Internet connection everywhere. If a router is not enough, users with a set of three can easily expand the eero system. Those interested in safety need not worry. Amazon promises monthly updates, which contributes to a secure network and provides a hacker protection strategy .

The eero routers have a simple design, so that the devices visually not negatively noticeable in visible places in the apartment. With eero Mesh WLAN routers, users get a good solution to increase their domestic WLAN range and, if necessary, to expand into a mesh network. The installation is quick and easy.

A minus point are the acquisition costs. The eero routers are quite expensive and therefore not affordable for everyone.

Eero and eero Pro - the design of the Mesh WLAN Router

Both wireless router alternatives have a compact, sleek design and are white. The shape is square with rounded corners. On top is the eero logo and a LED light indicating the operating condition. On the back of both mesh WLAN routers are two Gigabit ports, as well as a slot for a USB-C charger. Comparing the two eero solutions, the shorter eroo router is almost twice as large as eero Pro. This also has a reset button on the back.

Eero and eero pro mesh wireless router - feature and special features

Amazon offers with the Mesh WLAN routers eero and eero Pro independent routers, which can equip the Smart Home area-wide with WLAN. In particular, the device is simple and does not require complicated assembly, because users only have to plug in the eero router on the existing modem or router modem device.

Large dwellings can provide residents with multiple eero routers to mesh into a large home network with a common name. The eero mesh WLAN routers are based on the TrueMesh technology and intelligently amplify the radio connection. They prevent buffer overflow, load or failure of the WLAN connection.

The main differences between the two devices are in the WLAN and in the range. Eero supports dual-band WiFi and has a range of 140 m2, eero Pro tri-band speed and 160 m2. Otherwise, the device and the functions are identical.

What is compatible with the eero Mesh WLAN routers?

The WLAN routers from eero are compatible with Amazon Alexa devices in the standard and Pro versions and can then be controlled by voice. There is also an own eero skill for Alexa.

Both eero and eero Pro are Bluetooth enabled. The initial setup by the app is thus possible before the WLAN start. All WLAN-enabled devices such as smartphones , tablets or security cameras can be easily integrated into the eero network.

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