5 tremendous ways in which you can customize your soap boxes

Over the past couple of years, the packaging industry has evolved. The modern technology has led to a shift in market dynamics. It has been observed frequently that companies with ordinary packaging methods have started to abolish. Therefore customizing the boxes that come up to market standard is the need of the hour. It is also because multiple enterprises are competition to make a mark with the same product. Hence the market competition has grown denser than the past.

In order to sustain and make a good brand name, you will be needing multiple marketing techniques. Among them is investing in good packaging. There are various ways in which you can get the unique custom packaging for your product especially soap. It is such a common daily use product that everyone buys. Thus, the demand for such products remains constant throughout the year.

Get suitable packaging material for your product:

custom soap boxes

However, using the eco-friendly Kraft is also wise. The consumer is now conscious of packaging these days. They want environmentally friendly products. Hence the Kraft boxes are biodegradable and reusable. Similarly, the corrugated boxes are the best shipping material. They are thicker in composition but their thickness varies depending upon the type of flute. Five different types of flute that are available is A, B, C, E, and F.

Varying box styles:

The two popular manufacturing techniques are die-cut and gluing. The flattened boxes cost cheaper than the assembled ones. They consume lesser space than the latter ones. Moreover, there are many box styles that are suitable for soaps. For instance tuck end, sleeves, 2-piece, pillow and seal end boxes. The tuck end boxes can be either front, reverse or auto-lock boxes.

How to make your boxes eye-catchy?

custom printed boxessoap boxessoap boxes

Thus you can make your boxes with different printing styles. Such as digital or offset printing. The offset printing costs lesser than the digital printing and is more long-lasting. Similarly, the CMYK printing composes of four basic colors and their printing cost is cheaper. While in PMS printing every new color is made from scratch. Therefore their cost is higher. With these methods, you can get animations or various patterns on the box.

Do not forget to add details:

Believe it or not. The add-ons do wonders to your product. They help in boosting up the sales. The logo on the box assisting in establishing a brand name in the market. It pushes them in remembering your product name and buy repeatedly from you. In the same way, they will always head over to genuine products. This will prevent your customer loss.

To make the logo attractive, either emboss it or deboss it. The necessary information on the box can be imprinted with the foiling. Color of foiling is up to you whichever suits you. Moreover, the window cut gives a peek into the product. A PVC sheet can work as lamination and prevent the soap form dirt.

Besides this, the appearance of the box is enhanced with the use of multiple coating. Gloss polish is more preferable for a striking look. While matte is best for a sleek and smooth look. You may also the spot UV for the logo. It is popular for the dual feature of sheen and dulls it adds to the box. Apart from this, it is better to get on the eco-friendly Kraft as other printing doesn’t last long on it. So using spot UV is good as it will sustain longer.

For sure, you may have doubts while ordering your product online but it is not an issue these days. Because companies like Plus Printers provide a free mockup video or physical sample with the fastest turnaround time for design approval. Also, their rates are affordable.

Get instantaneous price quotes for your box idea to place your order. We provide a 3D digital illustration of the box to help you get an idea of the final product.
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