The Bad Boy Is in Love with me (intro)

Hi my name is Kim Y/n. I'm 16 years old and i go to golden highschool.

Lemme tell you something just cause my school is golden doesn't mean everyone in there is.. There are 5 bad boys that always bully anyone that they see including me. My best friend Kim Taehyung used to be one of the bad boys but he realized that he didn't want to be mean and we became good friends. Lemme introduce you to the bad boys in this school

1. Kim Namjoon

The oldest handsome but not that bad

2. Min Yoongi

hot but cold

3. Jung Hoseok

Very Very Rude not nice at all at least as long as i known him

4. Park Jimin

Even tho he's bad he's hot af

5. Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook the baddest hottest boy in the school. I hate him but he is really hot i can't deny that

I have a new wit profile its ivy except you have to use circled letters :). Im 11 bOi Im always bored im busy with school so i might not always answer eEe i lOve BTS AhAha
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