Red Darkness - Prologue

"Its another full moon again. But this one is different. This time everything is yellow. My eyesight is yellow."

"I can hear them screaming. I can hear them calling for me. For help. How is this possible? What is this?"

"The hunters are coming but why? I never asked to become like this. A monster."

A supernatural story which will may blow your minds. Shifters and hunters trying to become the top. But only one person will become pure.

Discover who is who and how one small town becane the most dangerous place to live. A place for monsters.


Its been a while vingle fam!!! But time to start new. Hopefully this story will become a joy for you all.

Also, im making a new taglist. If you desire to be tagged to my cards. Please comment below. Till next time fam.

My name is BB ♡ Also Mrs.Kwon Im Big Bang and GD stan.◆ I love kpop and khh ◇ I hope you all enjoy my cards☆
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