What Do I Do With My Oil Tank Filled With Sand?

Clients ask us at Simple Tank about their filled oil tanks. Most, think that they are meeting standard requirements regarding their oil tank. However, this is false. When that tank was filled in place, most likely, it was not required to test the soil around the tank before it was filled. A contractor came out ten years ago, they cut the top of the tank open, sucked the oil out, and filled it with sand. The client is given the documentation. However, there is no way to tell if that tank is or was leaking.

Selling A Home With A Filled Oil Tank

Unfortunately, a lot of clients selling their homes will sell them with filled oil tanks. They assume that these oil tanks are fine since they have documentation. The oil tank filled with sand could be still creating problems for the home and the soil surrounding it could be contaminated. The new buyer will be leary of any potential problems that could be happening, and with good reason. Every single buyer is going to want the tank removed.

Remove The Tank

If you are planning on selling a property with an oil tank that has been filled with sand, your best option is to have it removed. The best thing to do is pull the oil tank before the home is listed on the open market. This will prevent you from being under any unnecessary time constraints if you are presented with an active buyer. Homes with underground oil tanks are very difficult to sell, due to the complications that can arise from them. They will significantly make your home less appealing to both buyers and realtors. If realtors pull away from your home, that means less potential buyers. As someone selling your home, you want to get what your home is worth. However, keeping an underground oil tank on the property will give buyers an excuse to make the offer low.

What To Do As A Buyer

underground oil tank

Regardless if you are a seller or a buyer, your best course of action is to have the oil tank removed to prevent any further problems and to assess any current damage. You will want a quality and professional contractor to come in to remove your oil tank. Simple Tank can remove the oil tank, as well as provide you with soil samples.

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