Super M Debut Collaboration Day 1!

So for today I’m going to show the sides of their talent that I absolutely love! Baekhyun

Now of course he’s an amazing singer but I feel like his dancing doesn’t get enough love! I even saw some people when Super M was announced that said he doesn’t fit in the group because he’s not a good dancer! So this video is a mixture of his singing and dancing!


We all know how Taemin is constantly churning out bops that every group covers! However I feel like his singing is something that most people don’t talk about! So here’s his amazing vocal range!


When I think of Kai, I immediately think of the first video I’ve ever seen of him which was his performance of Deep Breathe. The original video I saw got deleted but it’s amazing nonetheless!


We all know he’s an amazing rapper and dancer so I’m just gonna do a double whammy on him because not only do we all need to die via his Senorita cover but we need to appreciate his amazing singing!


Ten is hands down my favorite singer out of all of NCT and WayV!


Even though he’s so tall this boy knows how to move!


One thing that Super M is not missing is dancing talent!

See you tomorrow!

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