Super M Debut Event

Hello and welcome to day 2 of the Super M Debut event!!

Sorry I was not able to announce the event for the NCT CMTY or post for day 1, it's midterm week for me and I've been bombarded with tests this week. I also lost my phone yesterday and didn't realize it until an hour and a half later, thankfully I found it. Thanks@MelissaGarza for posting the announcement for me!

In this card I will post for both day 1 and day 2!

DAY 1 & 2

While you watch appreciate the visuals as well!

Singing Appreciation:

Let's appreciate Baek's vocals in his solo debut song 'UN Villiage.'

And Taeyong's in his solo SM Station track! (Plus enjoy his rap!)

Dance Appreciation:

Let's enjoy Ten's dance & vocals in 'Dream In A Dream.'

Taemin's dance & vocals in 'Want.'

Kai dancing in this video.

Rap Appreciation:

Lucas' in 'Coffee Break.'

Mark's rap skills in his Super M teaser video.


Super M Collaboration Team:



Zen Council:




If you'd like to be tagged or untagged please let us know!


Super M Council:


Super M Taglist:


If you'd like to be tagged or untagged please let us know!

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