"You Came From The Stars" Episode 7 Video Preview (UPDATED W/ TRANSLATIONS)

Yes! The preview for episode 7 of You Came From The Stars has dropped! It’s always painful to watch a well-liked—albeit high maintenance—lead character hit a low point, and Song Yi’s setbacks won’t be letting up yet. Maybe her reluctant new manager, Min Joon, can lighten her worries … maybe with something romantic? But first, we need to know her answer to Hwee Kyung’s ferris wheel “proposal.” Episode 7 Preview Translations, c/o syaiira from Soompi SY’s mum: Our Songyi have not died yet (the mum meant in terms of popularity) SY: What’s wrong? (‘You should die too’ is written on the photo.) SY’s mum: By the way…who is this? SY: Ahh. He’s my new manager. MJ: N- SY: He lives next door. SY: I’ve been living glamorously for 15 years but it only took 2 weeks for me to fall. SY: What am I doing? SY: Stick with me at all times, alright? MJ: Stick with you? SY: Ok?

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