unfollow allkpop.

oppacondomstyle: To each their own, but Super Junior’s music has been an escape for me through the toughest time in my life that I’ve had to experience and I can’t stress that enough. What is allkpop doing it is not okay and they also seem to be milking huge money from what they are doing. I am sick and tired of seeing negativity in a place where I am supposed to acknowledge the news about kpop and I end up reading the rumours instead. Hurtful rumours about someone whom has just lost his dearest relatives and they talk about them possibly committing suicide. Not to even mention their previous works that could be nominated to the stupid things that allkpop posts. But this has crossed the lines. It made me feel uncomfortable at the thought of Leeteuk’s whole soul being already in a huge pain when they just make huge money from the news they post. So, do I encourage everyone to go UNFOLLOW allkpop in your twitters if you have not done that. And do not visit the site for 72 hours. And please. Let’s pray for Leeteuk together. The only one thing that he needs right now is our support.

I'm a K-pop fan and a devoted ELF. My biases are Heechul and Eunhyuk, and my favorite thing to do is watch anime, sleep and eat lol
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