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The Munich manufacturer tado ° has developed a German alternative to the Nest Thermostat.The tado ° solution for heating control smart regulates the temperature of the (floor) heating and is based on the associated app, which reacts intuitively to patterns of behavior of the residents.The aim of automated heating control with tado ° is tosaveenergy and heatingcostsand to allow consistent living comfort.This is made even easier by the rapid development of digital assistants: The components of the tado ° system can also be operated by voice. Our test overview lists the ratings, advantages and disadvantages of the heating control with tado ° and shows experiences for use with underfloor heating systems.

tado °: heating control with smart thermostat and app

The smart heating control with tado ° is available in two versions: with the individual control via radiator thermostat or via the tado ° thermostat. This solution consists of the controller, which measures the temperature in the room instead of directly on the radiator and offers more options: The room thermostat of tado ° is centrally mounted and managed by the app. This type of smart heating control is compatible with 95% of all heating systems, whether boilers, gas floor heating or underfloor heating.

The tado ° app impressed by the variety of functions and intuitive operation. In order to be able to use tado °, the smart room thermostat is connected to the heating system, possibly supplemented by additional room thermostats.For a wireless setup, the extension kit is needed.The tado ° thermostat replaces completely conventional consoles and forms the interface between the heating system and theintelligent oneApp-Control.

Room thermostat or radiator thermostat?

tado ° is very flexible as a control system: Depending on the living environment, heating system and budget, the more precise but not universally applicable heating control is recommended with the room thermostat, which is connected to the heating circuit and controls this smart. This variant allows a more accurate measurement of the room temperature, because the thermostat is not installed directly next to the radiator and is also suitable for underfloor heating, for example. Alternatively, control via tado ° thermostats directly on the radiator is possible. Then the room temperature in the device is detected at the radiator, which may not correspond exactly to the room temperature. The functionality and advantages of the tado ° radiator thermostat have been presented in a separate article.

tado ° Controlled floor heating with HomeKit and Siri

The smart tado ° thermostat for underfloor heating control works extra energy-saving and is one of the few Apple HomeKit--compatible control systems for surface heating. The room temperature is automated by the thermostat and continuously increased, which, especially in winter with constant outside cooling, an energy-saving heating to comfortable SiriGrades possible. The individual room control for underfloor heating with the tado ° thermostat has the advantage that it learns and adapts to the ideal conditions of the users. In conjunction with weather services, the tado ° system automatically adapts to the outside temperatures. The underfloor heating control is controlled by tado ° -App, also a voice control with about is possible - the thermostat is compatible with HomeKit.

Geofencing and automation with the tado ° app

With the tado ° -App, the heating in the Smart Home can boosted capable Power up manually using the boost function and heat up the room quickly - smart, however, makes the system capable of intelligent programming. The configuration can not only adapt to the habits of the residents in everyday life, but also downloads automatically updated weather reports, in addition to the weather conditions and thus more efficientand to be able to heat more cost-effectively. If, for example, it gets particularly warm, the tado ° system knows that it only has to heat for saving (or not at all) on that day.

The tado ° -App also allows a location-dependent heating control using the geofencing function of the smartphone and thus detects whether someone is currently at home or how far residents are removed. As soon as the smartphone and its owner move away more than 200 meters from the tado ° thermostat (and thus the apartment), it automatically shuts down to save energy. It also automatically controls the heating when the residents are on their way home from work, school, university or other errands. Thus, the apartment is already pleasantly warm when entering, without causing too much energy costs. With tado °, an energy saving of up to 27% should be possible - without having to change the heating habits manually or losing comfort.

IFTTT rules instead of compatibilities

For lovers of IFTTT regulations, tado ° offers its own channel to bring even more functionality into the smart home. tado ° is a closed system and has no compatibilities except the language assistants, but IFTTT provides practical links and dependencies to security cameras like Netgear Arlo , smart switches, smart watches, Philips Hue lights and sensors like Nest Protect.

Smart Climate Assistant in the tado ° app

With the Smart Climate Assistant for tado °, saving energy is even easier and more comfortable: 


Window Open Detection:

Repair Service:

defined geofencing:

Weather forecast control:

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