This Woman's Acne Skincare Routine Gone Viral!

With this one post, her skincare routine has gone viral. She started by saying,

I just wanted to make a little post about skin because I've struggled with mine so much, and i really feel like I need to stop pretending like i haven't.

And she started sharing her skincare routines for her fans..

1) i double cleanse with jojoba oil and wipe it off with a hot wash rag

2) i usually do a honey mask mixed with turmeric and cinnamon

3) i have two other masks that I like to use , sulfur mask and bentonit clay mask, but the honey one is my fave

4) I'll moisturize with the shea terra organics perfecting serum and doterra lavender oil 5) at night i'll spot treat with raw shea butter

5) I use the raw elements sunblock pretty much everyday

6) the last slide is the herbs I took to get my skin under control

These serums and herbs are what she used to calm her skin down!!

Hope this skincare routine helps for those of you who suffer from acne!!

What do you think?

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