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Thus, we have come up with the best solutions to combat excessive media hours of your children using parental control software.

Useful Tips For Restricting Screen Time And Introducing Child Monitoring App

Regulating screen time is a big move for teens, but it can introduce some positive life changes. Let’s find out how?

#Control your tech addiction first:

Although limit screen time app is designed to restrict a child’s digital movements, it is also an effective tool to reduce your device usage as well.

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#Don't allow gadgets in the bedroom:

Make a rule of not using any electronic gadget in the bedroom. It helps kids to rest their minds peacefully and take sufficient sleep.

screen time control app

# Act smartly:

parental controls for children's safety

# Say ‘No’ to the device during family time:

Disallowing the use of smartphones and tablets is not enough. Most kids nowadays are lacking ‘offline entertaining skills.’

Enjoying new activities, experiencing the outside world, sharing mischief with family, etc. helps teens to prevent boredom without triggering arguments or tantrums.

# Encourage a kid’s offline hobbies:

Reading, dancing, sports or any other fun (without screen) helps kids forget about their device.

Boost teen’s morale with your participation and appreciation in tasks they perform.

# Limit screen time app is the right choice:

Parental control software is far more than simply allowing you to set a screen time limit. You can also use other tools like Panic and SOS alert, App and Call Blockers, Anti-theft, and a few more for the digital security of your child.

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How To Introduce Screen Time App Without Tantrums:

imposing reasonable restrictions

Do not go cold turkey. Gradual reduction of kid’s screen time habits helps them to accept new changes.

You have to openly discuss the reasons for introducing kids' safety applications, along with the enticing reward to give up excessive screen time.

Make a fair deal with kids and tell them the limit screen time application is not for invading their online privacy, rather it is for their proper growth and development and to keep them safe from digital dangers.

Which Child Tracker App Should Parents Prefer?

monitors and controls a kid’s digital movements

Unique tools of this kid safety software safeguard children from several risks.

#Time Schedule

#App Install Blocker

#Kiosk Mode


The additional feature of Speed Limit keeps and shares a record to parents if teens breach the preset driving speed.

best child monitoring appsparents about a child's online safety

Get this application on your device today and experience the benefits!

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