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Troy MI Divorce Attorneys

As your legal counsel, Stawski begins every consultation by listening to your story, addressing your specific concerns and answering all of your questions, taking note of every detail given. While divorce can be a difficult life decision, having the right attorney on your side to represent you and push for a favorable legal result does make life easier. Amy A. Stawski, Troy MI Divorce Attorneys understand that no two families are alike, and no two cases can be handled in the same way. With each party striving to obtain his/her own legal goals it is important that you are given the right advice on your legal rights. Providing you with qualified legal representation, Amy A. Stawksi will ensure that you are fully educated on your rights and options helping you to better understand the best course of action for you. Their sympathetic approach to family law does not mean that we are not prepared to fight aggressively for you to be heard. Although the original intent is to try and find an amicable solution to family law matters, Amy A. Stawski does understand that sometimes a more forceful approach is needed. Because of this, their firm is trained to assess the other party’s approach to the case and react accordingly ensuring that your voice is not lost in court.

Troy MI Divorce Lawyers

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