Do not Carry The Sand Home

Wouldn’t you love to get back home once from a beach vacation without sand in your bag?

You might think this is impossible. But now it is possible. The new beach towels that are now popular in the market don’t let the sand stick to them. This means that you just have to shake the sand off at the beach and fold your towels. You can proudly say you aren’t carrying any of the beach sand back home.

Selecting Your Beach Towel

You might say what is so great about buying a beach towel. But there are many things to consider when you buy your beach towel. Firstly, the look of the towel matters a lot. Whether you are at the beach or at the pool you are going to be showing off your beach towel. They need to be trendy, colorful and attractive prints. You will also like to carry them with you in style. Apart from the appearance, the next thing you must check is the size. You must have a beach towel that is big enough for you to lie down on the sand. They should be large to wrap around your body comfortably. When the towel is large it will naturally weigh more. How do you handle this if you are going on a beach vacation and would like to carry a few towels with you? There must be a towel that is large enough but is light and compact to carry. But these are not enough. Your beach towel should be quick to dry because you might want to get into the water a few times at the beach and you don’t want to have a wet towel to dry yourself. Your beach towels must absorb more water and also dry quickly. How nice it would be if you can get a towel which has all the qualities? The modern microfiber towels have all these qualities along with a special feature that will certainly surprise you the most.

The Revolutionary New Beach Towels

The stylish beach towel from Cavanchi gives you something more. Cavanchi beach towels are sand free! Isn’t this the one feature that everyone would like to have in beach towels? Most of the time you end carrying a lot of sand in your bags when you are back from a beach vacation. You don’t have to do that anymore. These towels are made of the special AbsorbLite fabric which makes it smooth and less grabby. The fabric doesn’t allow sand or grass to stick to it. Even if the towels are wet, they don’t allow anything to stick to them. All you need to do is to give them a good shake and you will leave all the beach sand at the beach itself. How nice it would be to get back home without having to spend time shaking your bag free of sand! This sand free microfiber beach towel made by Cavanchi offers everything that you will need in a beach towel. They are super absorbent which means that you can take as many swims in the sea as you want and you will still be able to dry yourself very well with these towels. They can absorb around one liter of water. I don’t think anyone will have that much water from a dip in the ocean. The microfiber towels are not just highly absorbent. They dry very quickly which means that the second time you go for a swim you can have a dry towel to remove water from your body. even after a swim in the pool you don’t have to spin dry the towels. Just let them hang to dry and you will see that these towels dry at least three times as fast as other towels. This is another extremely useful quality you require when you travel. You don’t have to wait for the towels to dry.

Is That All?

You will be surprised at the other exciting features that the coolest beach towels from Cavanchi have to offer. These towels come with a convenient hanging hook that will help you hang it easily when not in use. This is not all that Cavanchi offers. These towels come in a very cool and trendy pouch that makes it easy for you to carry them wherever you go. They are available in sizes large enough for your use but are compact when rolled. Cavanchi sand free microfiber beach towels come in the most attractive and colorful designs on one side and beautiful black & white patters on the other side. They are made durable so that you can use them for a long time. The towels are priced reasonably for your convenience. These towels are not just good for your beach trips. The smooth surface of the towels won’t fluff up your hair like ordinary towels. These are good for regular use at home too.

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