5 Key Metrics to Consider While Securing Android Apps

Cybersecurity is an exceedingly increasing concern amongst web and mobile app owners. Almost every small and large scale businesses are prone to its grasp. So, every business app, whether on the web or mobile, needs to be taken care of from security aspects.

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In this post, I shall discuss the top 5 key metrics of Android app development while aiming to develop secured applications for your business. Let’s start below:

Source code

Source code, for any application, acts as an initial layer of coding that the developers can exploit to build and modify by a set of programs. Such coding is further converted into machine code, or object code where it takes the shape of certain functionality.

Now, as you can understand the role and importance of source code in your Android application, like any malicious activity in this can cost you a lot. So, you need to make it incomprehensible for both decompiler and humans while paving a way to impenetrable code.


To an extent, the server is responsible for the overall scalability and performance of your Android application as it holds all the data and renders it whenever required. Therefore, if any attacker reaches here, your complete application is at stake.

And, it is often that hackers try to attack the application’s server and APIs directly. That means, it is important to install appropriate controls and prevent it from attacks. Additively, conducting code reviews, and installing a new web application firewall would allow you to overcome such challenges.


Encrypting app and device data is another key metric while aiming to secure Android applications. The process of data encryption includes both the data transmitted between application & server as well as the source code.

Such data can be traced easily and interpreted by the hacker to perform malicious activities. So, data encryption is a process to convert that data transmission into a specific form that cannot be read without decryption.


Login authentication of your Android application is an important aspect to save it from hackers. To achieve this, you can try on some disconnection system, 2 or multi-factor authentication, or proper session management to protect any sort of sensitive information within the app.

Moreover, a well-integrated and secure gateway would ensure access to only compliant devices and properly authorized apps to access important business resources.


Software is always dynamic and is prone to vulnerabilities that need to be sorted out from time to time. And, such instances can be easily taken well by hackers to exploit your Android application as they can easily track get to know about your app’s outdated software.

Therefore, you need to stay updated with every Android OS releases to ensure the consistent performance of your application.


To sum up this article, I would like to state that most of the security and data breaches occur due to developers or app owners’ negligence. Most of them do not perform the required tweaks, whereas others ignore the need for tight security for their Android application.

Thus, it is important to consider all the above-mentioned key metrics like the number one priority to check on the list of App development flow.

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