An auto-rickshaw driver allegedly assaulted a 32-year-old man in Saki Naka after the latter insisted on hiring his auto rickshaw. Mr Borade said, "I sat down in the rickshaw and instructed him to take me to 90-feet police station which was nearby He was continuously shouting in the rickshaw and I was telling him that it’s his job and he is not doing me any favours. Also we will concentrate on the area where this incident happened and try to resolve the commuters’ problems. But the driver agreed to ply his vehicle after a traffic policeman nearby warned him. He asked an autodriver to take him to Kajupada — about a kilometre away — but the driver refused, as he wanted to ply the auto to places located further away.

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The incident took place on September 19, when Saki Naka resident Mr Borade, who works for a television channel, was heading back home at around 6. The auto driver agreed to ply his vehicle after the policeman warned him. However, after driving Borade for about a kilometre, he allegedly pulled him out of the vehicle and assaulted him. Mumbai police Twitter team in charge Ashwini Koli said, "We have received his complaint on Twitter now we have already sent his complaint number to the Saki Naka police station." Shashank Rao of Mumbai Auto Rickshaw-Taximen’s Union said, "What happened was totally unfair to the commuter. No rickshaw driver has either the right to refuse the commuter or to beat him up. We will support the investigation and if the police needs any help we are there (to help)."

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