SHINee Council Intro

Hello Shawols! I would like to thank at VixenViVi for letting me join her council!! I am super excited about being here!

So first my name is Suki and I am sure you have seen me around. I am a multi fandom and I love Kpop! I love anything about Korean, from the food, clothes, dramas and yes of course Kpop!

I will be bring you these two awesome guys! Of course I have multiple bias, but my bias for SHINee is Jonghyun! I will be bringing him to you on Tuesday!

Now the second member I will be bring you is the cutie! He is just so cute and adorable! Do you know who it is? It is none other than

That’s right Key. I will be bringing you him on Thursday!

Well I hope you will join me and the rest of the council and show your love for Shawols everywhere! So everybody, see you soon!

~SHINing Shawol Team~@VixenViVi@MelissaGarza@Just2BLoved Loving Shawols! (ask to be added!) @Kpopandkimchi@Mercedesbenz98@JustinaNguyen@CrystalBlunt@JohnEvans@Eswee@merryjayne13@awkwardjazz@kimnam94@osnapitzlilred@JaxomB@deilig@LinaZhang@Kpland1122@ShellyThiemann@yehetmyohorat99@KpopLifeu@AmberRelynn@szewwy@sweetnothing34@esmeraldagutirr@notgisell@Starbell808@TerraToyaSi@kyky97@IsoldaPazo@netchtiBates@simpsonsamantha@VatcheeAfandi99@AlexisRiver@merryjayne13@joj

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